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I picked at my skin after a chemical peel...

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So I got a chemical peel 3 days ago. The first 2 days my face was just red and I peeled a bit at my mouth. I could easily cover it with makeup. But this morning makeup just made my skin look worse because it had already started to peel. I was told specifically not to peel and pick at my skin but my dumb ass did anyway because I had to go to school. I peeled it in just a few spots and I’m still red in those places. I’m scared to death I’m gonna scar or my skin is gonna hyper pigmentate. Also, I’ve seen smal Whitehead’s already in my new layer of skin underneath. I’m really pissed because I was told it would help acne and leave me acne free. I’m not technically breaking out but I definetely have seen a few Whitehead’s and extracted them even though I know I should leave it alone....I’m very much a perfectionist and I’m very OCD about my face so I have these bad habits..
does anyone have experience or know what this could cause for my skin? Hyper pigmentation? Scars? Acne? I wish I would never have gotten this peel. I’m only 17 and Im Praying I didn’t just ruin my skin forever 

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Hey there...girl I know your pain!  First I’m now a female of 53, but about four years ago I did the same picking and pulling off the dead skin right after my chemical peel...it wasn’t my first so I should have known better!  It did give me blotchy ass cheeks as a lovely reminder of my stupidity..fast forward to today...you mentioned the white heads that appeared...I also just did a low grade peel about a month ago and those little bumps I could feel under my skin all became visible..it’s a good thing four weeks later..I’m OCD about skin care so this is how I’ve handled the hard white bumps now on the surface...I use a heavy aha/bha treatment from Drunk elephant skincare called Baby Facial.  That continues to dislodge them...I also use a differin/bp mix at night...I steam my face and extract what is ready daily...I use a otc sulphur mask and I cannot say enough about slapping on a hydro colloidal patch on my chin a few nights per week...those ones at the drugstore and amazon are bullshit!  Find a smaller pharmacy that sells the medical grade sheets and cut them to fit..they are only about $7 so you get a better products and more use than individual stick on bullshit bandaids...hope some of this is helpful and give me a nudge if you want...XoXo 

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