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Birth control for acne, any advice?

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I recently went to my GP to get a prescription for BC pills as I'm in a relationship again and my acne is still present (it's been almost ten years now and I have tried pretty much everything to keep it at bay).
My GP prescribed me "Yaz 24+4" which, according to my GP, helps to fight acne. 

Even though I got my hands on something that actually might make a difference to my skin, I can't help but feel anxious about starting this BC, as I am aware of the possible serious side effects (pulmonary embolism, intravenous trombose) and I quit a BC pill in the past (Diane 35/Dianette) because of the extra risk it gave me (I've also read some articles linking Yaz to the risks I previously mentioned).

Therefore I'm considering to switch to Mercilon as this one has a lower dosage of hormones.

Do you guys have any experiences with either one of these BC pills? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


P.S. Diane 35 greatly improved my skin when I was on it and this is the only BC I have used so far. 

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Please don't take hormonal birth control for acne. If you want contraception, there are non-hormonal options. 
I have been on Yaz and currently Yasmin, however I am weaning off it now because it has caused so many horrible side effects that are just not worth the clear skin anymore. Granted, I do attribute Yasmin to clearing my skin 95%, i only ever have maybe one breakout and a few blackheads. 

I wish I had researched more the physically disruptive and negative effects of ingesting artificial hormones before taking the pill when i really didn't need it (only ever had a handful of sexual experiences and my acne was only mild); but of course, everyone is different and it's ultimately your decision if you want to take the pill, but remember, you will have to come off it and heal naturally at some point.

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