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Finally a cure for all acne and scarring

Hi All, 

I am not one for writing on forums like this but felt like I should share my experience and provide you with a low down on the treatment that has worked insane wonders on my skin. 

First, I am male, suffered from BDD, skin picking and severe in growing hairs. In terms of acne, I would say it was mild, the real damage coming from picking my skin. The following treatment was undertaken over 6 weeks and is on going. At the start, my skin was horrendous. I am happy to share pictures if you desire. Now, it is totally and entirely clear. The reason for this is a combination of factors, all of which came at a very great financial cost. I am in the fortunate position to have been able to discover and utilize the best treatment methods out there, but trust me I have tried them all until now! 

There are three parts to clearing skin: physical, mental and biochemical factors. I will address each. For each part I went to one of the best experts in the UK/World. If any of you are london based I am happy to recommend the doctors I went to on harley street.

First - physical: Regular exercise is key. It opens your pores to allow oxygen into your skin. The key is sweating it out! I love the gym but had to give it up to go on intense runs. The more circulation of nutrients and blood to the skin the better. Remember it's an organ. In addition, hydration is key. We all know this one but two-three liters of water is ideal. Combine your nutrition with supplements that aid in skin recovery e.g. zinc, biotin, vitamin D and omega 3. Protein is good but avoid simple carbs and dairy. 

Second - mental: Combining BDD and skin picking, my confidence and self esteem was severely low. There was one point I didn't leave the house in three weeks. At the time it was a choice of seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist. I recommend the latter irrevocably. Psychiatrists will simply use their DSM handbook and label you with a multitude of factors and end up giving you meds. Trust me, I wanted anti-depressants but decided the only way to really get over this was tackle it head on! This is where the psychologist came in. Using hypnosis to tackle the picking and CBT I slowly started to expose myself to situations where I could build confidence. In particular, for girls going to work one day without make-up will help. Once you realize people are there to help you your confidence will build. There will always be people who say something, but trust me, those people have other issues. Ignore them and surround yourself with people that don't care. After-all, it is only skin! Speaking to someone, developing a healthy routine e.g. meditate will help with the mental battle I can promise you.

Third - bio-chemical: This treatment plan is the only thing that categorically has worked from day one! It is very specific and leaves no room for any other products or treatment. Most importantly, there is NO purging! This plan was from London's best dermatologist.

Cleanse La Roche Posay  Effaclar H 
Skinoren 20% Azelaic Acid pea size over face - wait 10 mins
Obagi  Med 24hr Hydrate Moisturizer (non-comedogenic - VERY important)
Elta MD UV Clear Sunscreen (Contains Zinc and Niacinamide)

Cleanse La Roche Posay  Effaclar H 
Treclin Gel Retin A - 10mg antibiotic and 0.025% Retin A  - This one of the only non-comedogenic version of topical retin a so causes no purge. After application wait 30 mins.
Obagi  Med 24hr Hydrate Moisturizer (non-comedogenic - VERY important)
Elta MD UV Clear Sunscreen (Contains Zinc and Niacinamide)

If you need to treat damaged skin follow the routine and add Sudocreme on top. It has the same active ingredients.

This treatment worked for me in a very short space. The key is follow it to the letter and throw all the other crap away! 

Wishing you all the best,

Dr, S

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