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Acne only on one side of face

I'm 23 years old and for 4-5 years I have had constant acne on the right side of my face. One day when I was 18/19. I suddenly broke out on my right side and it just never really stopped from there. I do have a little bit on my left too but its so different. When a pimple or even a small whitehead comes out on my right side it will leave a mark that takes forever to go away, while on my left side I hardly ever get acne and the marks go away pretty quick if I do. Do I even have acne what is this?? Also for pretty much of those 4-5 years I have used benzoyl peroxide everyday on the right side and on my forehead, but not on my left side (I was somewhat clear on my right side at times BUT at some point it always came back). Can this be the cause of why my right side and left side look so different? I finally stopped using benzoyl peroxide on Jan 5 and will no longer use it to see what happens  (The dark marks on the right side of my face look a lot worse in real life). Anybody have any tips on what I should do now? I've just been using a clean and clear cleanser twice a day, and it seems I'm not breaking out a lot right now, but that's what always happened when I was on benzoyl peroxide; it would go away for a little while then come back again(it's been way worse than this while I was on benzoyl peroxide).




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