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One month into spironoloctone

Hello all, 

I am one month into Spiro 100mg once per day, my acne is not TERRIBLE but it definitely bothers me when it does flare up, I personally believe it is mostly hormonal as I have noticed the Spiro starting to slightly show an effect in clearing my face. My acne comes mostly around the time of my period .. On the flip side, I definitely am experiencing the crappy side effects of being VERY fatigued & headaches after like 3pm every single day & very lazy.. I’m also noticing a bit of weight gain without a drastic change in diet which REALLY is not okay with me. I went to the internet of course & read several forums regarding Spiro & saw that many women have had unwanted weight gain on this med & other terrible side effects including long term. I really wanted to give this med a chance because I feel like it is the ONLY thing that’s finally helping clear my face, since absolutely nothing topically would work! It must be hormonal, but what should I do about this? I’m about to call my derm first thing in the morning to see if I can stop this medication cold turkey because I’m too scared of the side effects & long term effects, hopefully I can find another alternative that will not be so harsh on my body in terms of side effects. I hate taking prescription meds for this reason, the side effects & how we truly do not know what is going into our bodies! 

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