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Subcision nokor needle scarring?

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Hello, long time lurker, finally decided to get involved! 

After many years of frustration and insecurity regarding my cheek scarring (You know those days - when everything is going well then you glance a mirror with unpleasant lighting, catch yourself off guard in your iphones self facing camera or get see a photograph of yourself that brings you crashing back down to earth!) and several useless treatments (ranging from Dermalogica vitamin c powders to courses of fractional laser that did nothing at all) I'm preparing to get serious and begin a more aggressive approach of subcision/TCA/possibly filler..

Like most here, I spend a lot of time researching various methods/doctors online, looking for before and after photos, assessing potential complications etc, but one thing I'm unable to find much information on is whether or not the nokor needle leaves entry scars? (As you can imagine, googling for subcision nokor scarring will only bring up acne scar results!)

So, is this an issue? Am I likely to be left with new, albeit cleaner looking scars? If so, does anyone have any photographs of the entry hole scars that remained? Or if not what's the timeline on them completely disappearing? As much information on the subject as possible would be most welcome. 

Since this is my first post, I just wanted to give a little thankyou to everyone on here who sticks around and gives regular advice, particularly beautifulambition, I've found your FAQs and responses to people extremely helpful and patient, it's appreciated!

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Welcome, The answer is no ;-). IF you can cut your finger or elsewhere on the body and it heals then you will heal normally, only you know this answer. Sub is very safe. In rare cases if your prone to keloids the you can get a bump but this is easily injected with steroid if massages of the area don't make it go away.

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Thanks BA!

While I have scarring on both cheeks, chin and temple, the priority for me is dealing with 4 deep scars which form a perfect line on my cheek (Imagine someone has done a dot to dot of Action Mans cheek scar with a metal instrument!) as the straightness almost comes off as a dog bite - so I was a little concerned that an entry incision scar would only add to the line..

I'll get round to putting up a detailed thread of my scarring with photos (and hopefully proceedures) shortly.

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I just got my first subscision done in early February and I have a new scar on my cheek from the entry of the needle. I’m super bummed about it. It looks like a shallow hole / pock mark and you can see it in the particular lighting that shows all your scars. ;( 

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Have a look at my pics, I got two holes from Nokor Sub at the middle of the cheek. It took 2 months to heal, the healing was a nightmare. I am left with flat pigmented scars in the end, luckily easy covered with makeup. Sub did nothing for the main scars so all the process was pointless. 

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@ Sibel You seem to be intent to post on any post about subcision that was not ""perfect"" or the person has a issue. I think John mentioned to you why don't you go see Emil if Chu was not to your liking. Not all Dr's will meet our end goals. Secondly knowing both of these cases and all cases you continually post on. Your situation is nothing like any of the posters. Yes it was terrible on sensitive skin you had this reaction, ... yes you heal poorly it seems from treatments. Do you know hundreds have seen Chu this month and had no issues at all. That means your 1% of the total cases of complication. In a case like yours I would do very little as you are prone to poor healing and most acne scar treatment ... relies on your ability to heal. Sure you can say he had bad technique. So goto Emil who does Cannula that is gentler on your skin type. There is no "one" way to do acne scar treatment, no magic solution. Chu was no right for you, I hope you can heal and move on to someone who can help you as John also said. I am afraid for you if you get any energy device as this is a indicator of your healing capability. If you need me to copy paste this on other posts that are repeats of the same subject I can do so, thanks for your understanding. 

Your not like anyone else on these forums. I cannot over-analyze every choice, health concern, and action done in your life. It all depends on how you heal. I Get your frustration.

No scar case is the same, we are not clones, one person could do a million procedures and not be you, your all different ages, ethnic backgrounds, healing capabilities, plans for treatment, outcomes, different surgeons (they treat differently as well), etc, we could go on and on. The point being is never compare yourself to someone else. Sure you can learn from their experience but do we really know every single detail about what was done and why - no.  If someone heals poorly or had a poor Dr they typically hang around here.

It can help a lot if you see a therapist because scars are not only external they also effect us internally. Talkspace offers a app for your smartphone to get unlimited therapy or you can see someone locally. Therapy is half of the battle that many struggle with.

Goto a board certified Dr for help, ... if you want get 3 opinions and choose the one you like best. Your cases have nothing to do with each other or anyone else here, everyone is a individual with a different story.

It takes time and heal (this is a marathon and not a race, many do treatments every 3 months over 3 years time),... it's slow with lots of treatments. 

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