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clarifications from my derm

Most of you would be already knowing these things. Just posting this for reference

I went to my derm today . His nurse had prescribed me accutane last week and I am 3 days into accutane. There were some questions I had that I wanted answered from the doc direct and I set up another appoinment. Here is the gist of questions I asked (Q) and answers he gave (A)

Q : glycolic acid on accutane

A : NO.

Q. Hydroquinone on dark spot from previous acne on accutane

A : Yes. Just apply it only the spots. If it causes irritation then stop , but otherwise no harm

Q : will a hydroquinone cream clog pores and cause future breakouts( with or without accutane)

A : No

Q : Can I shave daily. Special precautions on shaving

A : Yes, shave as usual.

Q: Can pitting be caused by shaving over healing acne.

A : No

Q: Oiliness vs moisturizing. Does applying moisturizers over an already oily skin cause breakouts. Do I have to be special careful while picking moisturizing to avoid them clogging pores

A : In general no need for moisturizing. Once tane dryness kicks in apply any moistruizer, do not worry about clogging . Clogging by moisturizers is a myth. You can even apply cooking oil on your face.

Q : Dosage strenth

A : Your dosage strengh of 80 mg per day is high. Init breakout is rare but if it happens calls us we will give you a 2 day supply of prednisone.

Q : Cholestrol. Mine is higher than normal. Is it safe

A : Do exersise. Cut down on fat. Higher than normal cholestrol during accutane is accepted and we will not cut off accutane. But if it reaches very high levels we will. Exersise more. Do not worry , you will not get a heart attack due to high cholestrol. Even if it is high now and shoots higher nothing will happen now. Due to long term heart damage, we will monitor that it does not reach very high. But high, we will ignore.

Q : effect on existing scars. Will accutane cause beneficial exfoliation that will help reduce existing scars

A : In general accutane causes production of more collagen. But there is no evidence that accutane will actually improve scars, nor will it worsen them

That is the summary of my questions. I was surprised by his answer on the moisturizers on clogging, cas so many ppl beleive that some creams cause clogging.

I was also disappointed by his answer on existing scars.

Anyway it did help me to get some answers straight from the horses mouth, and I hope he knows what he is talking about.

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So accutane causes collagen to increase? That is wonderful! But how long does it last? Is it like retin-a and only temporary? I am guessing this is the case. I am going to see if I can find any info regarding this.

My Dr. said it helps scars.

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Yaa, good luck, there is so little info on these things.

Did you ask your doctor if it would be permanent.

I will ask the permanent part to him next time...

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