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help me for my acne

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I am suffering now from adult acne or maybe hormonal acne,i dont know i've never had a break out or pimple before since birth.. i dont know what to do,it frustrating me out..i am 29y/o now..its all started this problem when i get here in middle east,i just dont know if its in the foods we eat beacuse here in middle east,we often eat eat chicken,eggs and some other foods rich in  protein everyday as it is and then one day after spendibg two months here in nid east i started to have break outs.i dont know why,because i do eat this stuff when im in our country but not that too much like here.i work in here though..
can anyone here give me advice or suggestion in my diets please..i try topical and other creams but still not work for me..
thanks guys and sorry for my grammar..
my acne is in my chin area and around my mouth and in the lower cheeks only but it is not that normal now it become worst everyday..

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Is the food salted? I have found salt to be very damaging to the whole body. It will interfere with literally all body functions. Acne seems to be related to it.

I would advise absolutely no salted food or dairy.

If you do decide to try, depending on your body weight and structure it might take a few weeks to a month to see first changes in acne. How long it might take to be rid of them completely will be different for all. You should definitely see changes in body weight, overall energy and strength. It does affect hormones as well.

Besides fruit and vegetables the best things to speed up getting salt out of your body would be exercise, sweating and water fasting.

I tried finding a site that has good info on specific foods that are good for getting salt out but it will require more research..

I hope this at least will be of use to you.

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