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Peel or microdermabrasion?

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Hey everyone! I was LUCKY enough to win a certificate from a local day spa for either a chemical peel or microdermabrasion! I’m so excited but I have no idea which one to get lol I do have old acne scars and red marks. I’ll post a picture. Any advice or which one would you get? I know it will take multiple treatments for best results but I would love to make use of a free treatment!



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That depends because if they do peel its more likely going to be weak same with the abrasion.so realy it will have no effect bar make you red and look resfreshed but no change yo anything in reality.if you was paying them it might be different matter and then same again as some places stay insude a comfort zone.

peel must be medium strength and preferably tca.

dermabrasion most likely must make you bleed to stimulate collagen growth while grinding away your epidermis.

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Peels do not treat your vascular issues, or Rosacea . They resurface the top texture of the skin. IF you want something for "the reds" you need vascular laser or ipl and it takes several treatments. Discuss with the med spa.  The peel would be better than the mico derm, depending on the percentage. 

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