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Exfoliating with deep sea salt...recommended or not please?

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My daughter suffers from tzone, chest and back acne. She is currently on 2x daily dalacin t lotion and hibiscrub as a cleanser. Do you think Exfoliating skin with active acne is a good or bad thing to do. Her skin feels very rough and feels like it needs Exfoliating.  Thank you. I was thinking deep sea salt scrub???

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First off, I’d like to say well done for genuinely trying to help your daughter. When I was young I’d get the standard “You’ll grow out of it” from my parents. Oh how wrong they were! 

Now for scrubbing. I’ve had acne for years, on my face, chest, back, even my butt (cringe). I will say the two key things are find the right scrub, and don’t go to excess. I was so desperate to get rid of my acne i ferociously scrubbed every day and did more harm than good. For me, I either use St. Ives, or a homemade concoction using either bicarbonate of Soda or sea salt. I do find sea salt quite abrasive, whereas BOS is finer and therefore more gentle on my stupidly sensitive skin. Once or twice a week, i gently exfoliate the problem areas. If I’m using BOS or salt, which I really recommend, I won’t wash it off straight away. I’ll leave it on similar to a face mask for 10-40 mins. Then I wash it off, use a good moisturiser (I currently use Simple mixed with Tea Tree oil), and apply treatment to problem areas. Be sure she moisturises after, while exfoliating is great is really dries out the skin. And viola, done! 

On a a side note, since I’m babbling on hah, I’ve found that sea salt mixed with hot water is also great as a facial cleaner. I just dissolve the salt in the water, and wash my face with a flannel which acts as an exfoliator. The salt water is great for drying out nasty pimply bits without over-drying the skin, and the flannel buffs out the skin nicely, this method has been great for my pesky blackheads! Or just applying saltwater directly to problem areas and leaving to dry? Perhaps something your girl could try? 

Apologies for the the lengthy rant, I’m rather obsessed with sea salt at the moment! Hope this helps, good luck! 

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I just wanted to catch it before it got too bad. Unfortunately her back just for worse and worse despite being given lots of lotions and potions by our gp. I very much doubted that at 13/14 my daughter was going to grow out of it any time soon. So finally a visit to a dermatologist has put us in a much better direction.  

Thank you so much for all the information and advice. It was vert informative and helpful  and I will be following it. X

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