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Constipation cured my acne short term??


I'm a 30 year old male who has been battling acne since i was about 16. Since then i have been on Accutane, tetracycline, laser therapy, many topical creams with varied results. I am very prone to deep, red painfull zits around the sides of my chin and below the corners of my mouth.

Last year i went about 2 weeks with absaloutely no new spots.... some what of a record for my self.  At the time i had not passed stool for 12 days! Which i saw the doctor about in which she perscribed some sachets to drink to absorb water into the stool.

Ayway, after i passed and my guts returned to normal i started geting new breakouts again.  I'm starting to think there may be a link here with my digestive system ance my acne.  Does anyone have any idea about hat this could be related to??

(PS i have tried drinking probiotic drinks and they don't make any difference and make my farts small horrific).

I have also tried cutting out dairy, caffine and white bread.



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