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Selectively burning off the edges of acne scars!!!!

I have this potentially great idea that I have not tried yet.

Burning the edges/borders of boxcar/rolling acne scars!!

Has anyone tried doing this? I have moderate acne scars (mainly small to medium sized boxcar scars) and when I got my laser treatment done a few years ago, the plastic surgeon told me next time he can go in with the laser and selectively burn off the edges of the larger scars making the overall scar look smoother. This makes sense because your scars have lower floors and raised borders. So instead of just taking a layer off uniformly, if you burn off the edges you will end up with a smoother surface!

But I don't want to spend the money for the treatment.

So I found an alternative: mole remover pen!

You've probably seen this on facebook where they use this pen over a mole and the mole wipes off clean and it's gone. I purchased one recently to use on my moles (~$8 from eBay) and it actually works really good for the purpose of mole removal! (Use 1st setting, can't imagine using anything stronger..) I'm going to be using the long small pointy needle on borders of my scars for more precision. I don't know how this is going to go but I'll give updates! 

Hope this works..!

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Yes, this is a documented approach and has been discussed in the medical literature before.   

The reason why most lasers don't do much for scars is because doctors with no skill use it in the wrong way.   They blast the entire face with the laser, which effectively shaves off a uniform layer of skin.  Essentially, the depth of the pits and the peaks of the edges remain the same because the same amount of skin was ablated uniformly.   By just "shaving down" the edges, you end up softening the sharp edges of boxcars and atrophic scars.  

I would caution trying to attempt this at home because you can end up causing worse scarring by taking essentially a mini scalpel to your face.  

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I had this done,  not with a laser, but with needles. It was actually subcision as well, but more superficial rather than trying to raise the scars. It's a really good procedure if you have boxcars with well-defined borders, since they really help with the shadowing under bad lighting issues. Do take note that you'll probably still need to do a few smoothening procedures to blend them in with your skin.

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