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Seeking sufferers of permanent/long lasting hyperpigmentation (dermal kind) for both support and treatment research

As some of you know, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation does not always go away after a few months, as popularly believed. Some linger for years, if not life. We're talking about dermal hyperpigmentation.

If you've had hyperpigmentation for 2+ years you're wasting your time with trying every topical agent or peel that has worked for people with epidermal hyperpigmentation. Dermal hyperpigmentation is trapped by macrophages in the dermis, like a tattoo with your own melanin, and may gradually fade over time, but likely remain forever. 

The science behind this fading, from my research, seems poorly understood. Apparently sometimes macrophages die and are replaced by new ones carrying the pigment out of your body through the lymphatic system, but how consistent and fast this process is seems unknown.

Laser treatment is the only available treatment today for dermal pigmentation, but it's as of today far from good enough, and is too aggressive.

Is anyone interested in talking about this, sharing experiences of fading and looking into ways to fade this faster? I've been reading up on macrophage activity to get some clues as to how I can affect it, but my research hasn't led me to any conclusions.

I'm also thinking that considering how poorly understood this is, and how it's entirely a for profit market, there is no incentive for anyone to do actual studies on effects of e.g. massaging, hydration, exercise or diet on this very niche issue.

Without rambling on to much, I've gathered some proposed methods that may hasten the resolution of dermal PIH. 

- Exercise
- Drinking water
- Lymphatic massage
- Massaging the hyperpigmented area
- Dietary changes to improve immune system 

If there is any interest in this topic, I'll go more into detail as to why I think this might help.

There is currently not ANY skin product that is effective for dermal pigmentation - it's a completely different condition from epidermal. This is why these "amazing" dark spot treatments don't work for everyone, and why many have remains of dark spots linger after treatment.

We can also discuss emerging treatments for dermal hyperpigmentation, I've done quite a bit of research on that as well. 

I hope there is someone out there bothered by dermal PIH as much as I am. I've mostly found support from tattoo removal communities so far, as the process of removal is pretty much the same. 

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I’am very much interested to know the details on how to reduce dermal hyperpigmentation. I’m an Asian Indian and l’ve been suffering from this for last two years and nothing seems to be working.  Please help me learn about emerging treatments for dermal pigmentation and also the kind of Dietary changes that one should make.  Hoping to hear from you. Thank you

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I have been researching this as well and would love to discuss more. I’m stumped with how to possibly remedy this skin issue after years of trying practically everything. I’m terrified I have permanent damage and willing to try anything to help lighten the dark blotches on my upper cheeks. Let’s chat a bit more!

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