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I not sure this is submitted in the correct place, as I am new. But here we go.

so basically today my dad decided to make rude comments about my pimples out of no where, I was sitting on the couch fixing my brothers computer when he suddenly starts getting angry at me for having pimples, telling me it’s because I eat so much junk food. This obviously made me feel like shit, especially since I’ve been trying to be be healthier lately.

I told him angrily that it’s called being a teenager and left. Apparently he didn’t mean to make me upset. I did cry and still am.

But why would he comment that? He’s never said anything like that to me before, and is usually the supportive parent. He’s never even mentioned them before, so obviously I feel very self conscious about them now., I’ve never been too bothered by them before. I wasn foo going to finally updated my Instagram with pictures I felt I looked nice in but now all I can see is the pimples.

has anyone had this happen from a supposedly supportive parent ?

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I relate to this. My dad always used to stare at my skin with a perplexed look like what is wrong with my skin. He always made me feel very self conscious telling me I need to take accutane all over again because it didn't work, many rude comments. Overtime I have become resilient to his comments and comments I get from random people. 

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boy oh boy! unfortunately I have been there! I was/am buying and trying products in order to help my acne. And sometimes my mom will randomly say maybe if you stop putting all that crap on your face it would heal!!! Or the worse is that she knows I have acne-but will randomly ask what happened to my face-as if its news that I have acne. 

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That is horrible, having parents that are not supportive during your "acne journey" is terrible. As much as you can try to not let it get to you, it will, it's just the way the human works, those things will affect you mentally a lot. Hold on in there.

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