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Please help me identify my scars type and choose some treatment.

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Hello. I need advice how to deal with my scars and how serious are they..

I'm on 10th month of Isotretinoin ( 20mg/day). My derm said that we can do some treatments for scars 3-4 months after I will end taking the drug.

But I'm looking for some advices, maybe there is something that I should do, even now while taking drugs, to help my skin rebuild. Maybe some massaging or something like that before it's too late? My derm seems so chilled about those scars like it doesn't even matter. For me it's more than anything.

Could you please help me name my scars? Are they rolling scars? And tell me if there is any chance that I will remove them completely or are they to advanced. But real talk please

I've tried to took photos at proper light etc to make those scars visible as much as it's possible. At normal life I believe they aren't that much noticeable, but still.. Also my cheeks are naturally shaped like that with some depressions which intensifies appearance of those scars, I think.


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You got a small area on each dimple,theres some rolling scars there,under the eyes and side of nose,you got scarred pores,maybe some enlarged pores and theres a bit of ice pick going on.

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Thanks. Is there something I can do actually to help my skin to restore?  It seems like it's not even improving while taking Accutane, 3 months ago it was looking exact same.

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subcision with filler for your rolling scars,resurfacing technique for the enlarged pores/scarred pores.am unsure if you got right tiny ice picks,scarred pores or if they are enlarged.

tca peels will help sort the tiny stuff up but the shadowy/deeper stuff has deficiency,so you lost collagen under the scar so you need to stimulate collagen growth and lift the scar.

think rf microneedling is good for enlarged pores but not for scarred pores,rf microneedling will help the deeper stuff to a degree.

at home i would personaly just tca peel and needle the effected areas but peel the whole face.before you do anything yourself i suggest you read the faq


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