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Neck back acne - Scars, Cysts & Keloid

Hello. :D

First of all,
In no way acne/scars can reach my self-esteem. I live a happy lifestyle and always try to be the best version of myself.
Right now, I'm seeking for help and comments because I feel like there's not enough stuff online for situations close to mine. Been on this thing for a couple years now. I want help, and most of all , help others. I'd like to keep this as short as possible, telling you what I have, what I've tried and what seems to help me bit.

Placed a picture so you get some hold of the situation! 

Short and simple:

- I've had mild acne since I was 14 years old (mostly face), nothing too special.
- As cysts and mild acne started to bother me (at 15yo, face-neck-back) my mom took me to dermatologists.
- Tried every single gel, cream, antibiotic, aloe vera, natural oils. Some of you can relate. Nothing works, and sometimes it even irritates it further.
- Last treatment: Our beloved :@  isotretinoin (or as some people call it - Acuttane). Did it for 6 months, 20/30mg. Was acne free and dry as hell. I hate that those side effects ahah!
- Couple months go by, it all starts to comeback. This time I also have some cysts on my pubic area. Yes. Moreee isotretinoin. 4 months this time, it all seems to go away but for 2 cysts - 1 on my neck, another on that pubic area.
- As you can see the scaring is awful. You're seeing the result after 2 cortisone shots. I also have a keloid which resulted from a cyst. (left side)
- This is my current situation - It has better and worse periods. Right now it's a bad one.
- Cysts and some acne also lead temporary or permanent hair loss.
- Currently about to turn 18; 9cm scar on pubic area (multiple cysts removal); Scar+Keloid+Acne on neck; clear face.

- Been active my whole life, playing football. Regular gym enthusiast for the past 3 years.
- Drink pleeeeeeeeenty of water.
- No dairy. No processed foods. No fast foods. No oil. Little to no sugar and no salt.
- Meat (red meat not so usually), fish, eggs, veggies, fruits, carbs, overall really healthy food.
- I try to never touch the area, sometimes I slip (seems to get better when I don't touch it). - Big one.
- Don't smoke, don't drink most of the time, and when I do It's just a little.
- I try my best to stay healthy in every field. Might be missing something that I don't remember or know.

What are yours toughts? Hope I was clear in my typing. Any further questions will be awnsered!

Ready to hear from you,

Photo 27-01-2018, 20 41 57.jpg

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