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I have been doing the acne.org regimen for over a year and my acne seems to have gotten worse, can anyone help me. I am suffering :(

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I am 15 now and i have been doing the acne.org regimen for about over a year. When i started the regimen i barely had mild acne and i was over reacting and i was really happy about doing this because it guaranteed success but now my acne is even worse and i don't know what went wrong. Acne has basically ruined my life. It gave me bdd and i am very self conscious and insecure because of it now. I am a very out going and funny person but because of my acne i feel as if i have become more introverted and shy. I have missed out on so much in my life because of my acne. My mom and friends tease me about it all the time and i am the only one in my family with this kind of acne. I really need help and i need good advice on what to do with my face. Should i go see a dermatologist? someone pls help thanks. :smileys_n_people_15:

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A dermatologist would be a good call if you can afford it. If it's getting worse then it's a good idea to get professional help.A

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