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Okay I'm tired of this crap I find on the internet everyday. Lots of people suffer from acne and they are worried about everything they do. They get picky with what they eat and what they touch/do. I get breakouts sometimes but I have never had that bad of an acne problem. I used to eat a lot of fast food/unhealthy foods and I don't think that's what caused me to get acne. Everyone is different but I'm pretty sure eating and things you do are not things that will give you acne. You get acne from clogged pores not from eating unhealthy. Washing your face once or twice a day will help somewhat. Acne usually comes from genetics and people need to stop freaking out about everything they do. You will be happier if you stop stressing about this kind of stuff. Live a happy live with or without acne. But if you do believe foods give you breakouts go ahead and eat whatever you want, its what's in the inside that counts anyway. I used to be crazy about just a little pimple on my face and I just stopped eating. Don't end up like me and live a better life. Now I have health issues from not eating and I wish I would've ate more. I am getting better day by day and food has very little to do with acne. I hope this helps somewhat :)

Also just the other day I was reading how bananas and apples give you acne... that's complete crap. I don't agree with this at all because those are really healthy foods and its getting tiring reading about this stuff. It makes you feel like you cant eat anything even the healthiest foods. Again if you feel like you break out from foods let me know. Please mention what breaks you out because everyone is different. I just feel really bad, and these days are horrible. Everyone is judging on looks when you should judge on the personality. People will read this and never do it, its a shame the world has to be like this.  Does anyone else feel the same way?

Maybe if you feel like a kind of food breaks you out don't eat it as much and see what it does. Experiment with your acne a little and see what triggers it. If acne bothers you then let it bother you I guess and don't listen to a word I say and be worried/stressed the rest of your life. For the people who have acne and don't give a crap I thank you for not caring how you look but working on the inside and just being happy and live in the world and travel/explore new things. Everyone is beautiful in there own way.

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