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Jojoba oil

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First of all: I can confirm using jojoba oil as a moisturizer can regulate sebum production. I've had the most oily skin ever since I began using BP. You could literally wipe the oil of my face and it was shiny as hell. after using jojoba oil for just one day as nightly moisturizer my face looked very matte (through the entire day!)

I've been using the regime for about a week now (I use it only every other day) and I've decided to completely replace my moisturizer with jojoba oil.
I used it first without any Benzoyl peroxide to see if it would break me out and it didn't. But when I used it together with benzoyl peroxide today I woke up to a pretty clear face with multiple patches or red skin (no bumps or anything just some circles & weird shapes and it looks kinda bad). Is the jojobaoil only preventing the benzoyl peroxide to work properly? 

Edit: best way I can describe it is inflamatory acne that hasn't come to the surface yet and looks like it never will. I have around 5 - 6 of these that I didn't have the day before. Also I used ALOT of jojoba oil (you could see my face shine)

another edit: the seem to have vanished for the mosty part after a hour. 


Thanks in advance

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Hi VogueWitness, 

Thank you fro contacting us. The redness could be a result of the Acne.org Treatment irritating your skin. We would recommend that you use the Acne.org Moisturizer instead to moisturize your skin. You can mix 5-6 drops of the Jojoba Oil to the Moisturizer for additional moisture. 


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