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Eyesight Worse Due To Taking Acne Prescriptions?

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I have been taking oral acne prescriptions for the past year or so. Last year i started with tetra, on to doxy, finally to mino, then about 4 months ago i got on accutane.

ever since i started taking doxy/mino, my eyesight has gotten so much worse. i use to have almost 20/20 vision, just recently after taking these medication everything 10 feet away from me is blurry. ive had to go to the eye doctor, they prescribe glasses to me, but i didnt mention the acne medications to my optomotrist because i didnt think they could be related to bad eye vision.

im still not sure whether or not the recent worsening of my eye sight is due to the acne medications or not.

if someone could provide some input that would be great.


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No, antibiotics have no effect on eyesight. You would have probably got glasses even without them.

I have been on antibiotics for the last 3 years, I have had no negative effect of eyesight.

I started accutane recently and I expect my eyes to start becoming dry since it is an well known side effect of tane, but I do not expect it to have any effect on my vision.

Get your glasses, nothing wrong with them, many ppl start getting a need for glasses at some stage in life.

Do not worry that you have caused it by taking antibiotics.

I am willing to bet they are completely unrelated smile.gif

Hope this helps...

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