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Clogged pores

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Hi everyone I'm 19 years old and suffer from extremely bad clogged pores. I was using epiduo and now I am using adaphalene gel. I eat a vegan diet, I change my pillowcase every night, I drink so much water and green tea every night, I wash my face, exfoliate, moisturize when necessary. I exercise. I just don't know what to do I feel so helpless and ugly.

Screen Shot 2018-01-26 at 3.38.43 PM.png

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I am gonna move you to the scar part of forum,what you got looks like,ooen or scarred pores,more inclined to say scarred pores and some ice pick scarring.

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I have heard some vegans and vegetarians not getting the proper collagen, gelatin, bone broth, etc... for the Tissues and thus having issues due to a imbalance. That being said You have large pores, the treatment's for this are the following options dermatologist or plastic can do:

* Clean and brilliant works on pores, many treatments are needed, also fraxel works on large pores
* Erbium laser resurfacing
* Infini shrinks them, it may not get rid of them, large pores or scarred pores / icepicks "can" be from a abundant amount  of sebum or oily skin.
* TCA Cross is great but with this many, you would have to treat only some at a time  because there are so many, this is the standard icepick treatment.
* Acid Peels are great (Derm, plastic, med spa, or at home) to dissolve the pores and resurface the skin, try glycolic first and then do tca peels if these are not strong enough. Read the FAQ top of scar solutions sub, first post, goto the tca section, click the link,  read the first page.
*  Many with this condition have a imbalanced acid barrier (it protect the skin),  Don't do hard scrubs, washes or exfoliating agents, the medicines you mentioned above can be drying. Have you tried moisturizing your skin, using hyaluranic acid serum,  something nourishing?
* Start taking Hyluranic pill supplement as well, those meds are doing a lot of drying, and a vegan fish oil alternative like DHA EPA form algae.

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Lookup TCA Cross on youtube. It's basically placing higher % TCA at the bed of a icepick or large pore using a toothpick. It raises the scar's floor / bed. For how to do it goto the FAQ - top post of the scar solutions sub, then the tca section, click the link.

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