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Help me - I look like a total freak

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I'm on Accutane, just finished my first month. It's my second cycle. The first one cleared me almost completely, and I loved not having oily skin for the first time ever. Then, giant cysts started coming back, so I went back on.

Things were going well, my skin was clearing. Then I got a cyst on my chin (sorry, this gets graphic) and it formed a whitehead, so I popped it. I thought it would heal and go away, but instead it has formed a hard, big lump. Not like a typical cyst in that it doesn't hurt at all and doesn't do anything. Just a giant lump hanging out on my skin. Bigger than a pencil eraser and it sticks out far! Worst of all, it's right next to some atrophy I got a while ago from a cortizone injection on a different cyst, so I have a total valley/mountain effect. It's hideous and I have a big xmas party to go to on Saturday with my new boyfriend, who I don't even want to see me.

What do I do?

Try another cortizone shot, but pay lots of $$ and risk atrophy again?

Wait it out, hope the Accutane makes it cycle though quickly and hope that it shrinks before the party?

Or skip it and hide in my room for god knows how long?

Any advice is appreciated...thank you.

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Cover it up as well as you can w/make up and then wear something that will look cute with a scarf wrapped around your neck loosely and kind of hide behind that. Its not like it will cover up the chin but it will kind of shadow it a bit - or get a turtle neck - you know the ones w/ the larger loose necks where your chin could kind of dip into. YOu're going to be fine. Im not sure how old you are but most adults are not going to go around thinking "OMG did you see that girl with the Moutain and the Valley on her chin? GOD why is he DATING HER?" See we just think people think that we because we're thinking that - but really no one truely cares but us - go have fun, you'll be fine.

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Yeah, I appreciate the advice. I was just hoping to treat the problem itself. I spent last night with him. Looking down, focusing on having him only see me from the left side...it's a pain in the *ss!!! If only people with nice skin knew how we obsessed...

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well, usually you get bumps after popping the zit/cyst out...

I popped out the other day I don't even know what...maybe a cyst but maybe something else. And the bump stayed there and satyed and never hurt. Then in like a week I pressed on the bump a little, and, well, I had to clean my mirror...heh...yeah..so there's probably something there...

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