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Application of retinol EPIDUO to localised area on face, causing breakouts in other places?

hey guys was hoping someone may be able to shed some light. i had a small cluster of very localised spots on each cheek. they came and went (mainly with alcohol consumption!) i was prescribed epiduo by my dermatologist. I ONLY APPLY IT TO MY CHEEKS where the problem started. week 1-2 great- very red but no spots! weeks 2- 12 just AWFUL. i had at most three or four spots at once before on each cheek. epiduo made it just dreadful, awful cystic acne. weeks 12-14 is where I am now. the localised areas (cheeks) where I apply epiduo have gone down. they are more or less back to their original state before starting epidup, and hopefully things will only get better for the cheeks from hereon. HOWEVER... i am getting spots all AROUND the area now: on my chin/around the outer jaw/etc. Has anyone had this experience and will it subside? I am worried that epiduo has simply made the spots unable to come out on the cheeks, they are just going elsewhere?!! Here is hoping it is just another weird epiduo purge, but I hope someone can assist with their experience IF THEY HAVE ONLY APPLIED TO LOCALISED AREA TOO. thank you!

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