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Hey beautiful people,


Hope you are all doing well. <3 I am new to this community, and a little lost on where to start from.

I had plans to join a support group for this since forever, but for some reason, couldn’t muster enough courage to. I am battling acne for five years now, and it keeps fluctuating. I’ve tried different dermatologists, and they help to some extent, but my acne keeps coming back.


Weirdly enough, it has affected me more than anyone would expect to, to the point of driving me suicidal. I have tried ways of emotional healing and being at peace, but nothing works permanently. No one believes how acne is one of the major contributors to my depression. I have tried therapy and have been on anti-depressants, and they made my situation worse.


I can’t seem to see a way out, and I feel I’m just moving blindly, traumatically. People around me don’t really have much acne, and if they do, they cover it up with flawless makeup. I live with an emotionally abusive mom, who doesn’t let me use makeup, so that is out of the option as well. ( Before, someone suggests to get away from her, I’ve already tried, but she wields too much power legally for me to do so. )


Sorry for such a long post. I would love to talk to someone dealing with acne, it might help me to feel less lonely.


Sending lots of strength, warmth and love to all of you. <3 Have a lovely day/night. <3

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Hey, welcome to this community. Thanks for sharing this!
acne seems to cause a lot of people great pain and suicidal thoughts seem common, ive definitely been there... acne is.. so much... 

how did therapy make things worse? :( i was thinking about trying therapy
I'm sorry your not able to use makeup ;__; I would be dead if it wasn't for makeup, tbh... Maybe i'd suggest secretly going to a drugstore/store/etc and just buying some concealer and using is discretely when going out.. 

Good luck, sending strength & warmth to you too!

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