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Looking for advice for scars on the neck

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Hello everyone! I'm new here. I dealt with neck acne (left side) for a good part of last year. i still get the occasional breakout from time to time but nothing like last year. Currently I was advised to go take series of micro needling treatments in the form of eDermastamp. I would like to know what types of scars are these, how severe they are and what treatments would you recommend? Moreover, if anyone could recommend me a specialist from Toronto, Canada, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time and help. Pics have been attached.





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Can you tell me what botthers you most about this area... The color diffrence between the skin or? If so you can do vascular laser to get rid of the red and blend in the skin (V-beam, IPL, Excel V, 1064nm). IF you don't like the texture they can do a peel there or laser it (ablative). 

You can do both, laser resurfacing or acid peel to this area and then vascular laser.

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I'd say the texture bothers me more than the color. What kind of laser resurfacing procedure or acid peel would you recommend? For my case, would products like Retin-A or Retinol help me with the redness? Thank you for the help.

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* Laser resurfacing erbium
* Acid peel TCA spot peel, feather the edges on that area

* Sure try retin a / tretinorin first. Target sells Differin OTC. 

We have a full guide to peels, top of scar solutions, first post, FAQ, goto tca section, click link, read whole first page for guide


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