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Twice daily showering?

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I have a morning run and evening workout, both followed by a shower, 5 days a week. After each shower, I apply a light moisturizer, and use a    toner and acne facewash in the evenings. 

Still, I have constant mild acne, usually individual pimples, constantly popping up. especially on my brow. The rest of my lifestyle is clean and healthy (I eat lots of protein, veggies, healthy fats and carbs, drink plenty of water). I wonder if I'm overwashing, but I also worry about leaving my face sweaty after exercising. Could I be overwashing my face, any other advice for what might be making the acne linger?

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How hot do you have your water? Might sound like a silly question but if you're showering twice a day and the water is hot it may just be drying out your skin too much or aggravating existing acne.

Some people have had success with cold water showers. These may not seem like fun but it could be worth experimenting with to see if you notice any difference.

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I agree with Mrfringe, I think you might be drying out your skin with hot water. Lukewarm or cold showers are best. 

Are you moisturizing in the evenings too? That could also help. I find that when I skimp on moisturizer, my skin gets upset.

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