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This is the starting point. I'm seeing a professional in about a week to start treatment. 
The clinic performs laser treatments and chemical peels- I don't think they do microneedling or tca. 
What type of treatment do you think I need?



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This is a highly textural (surface) combo of rolling and boxcars. Your best treatment's for this are the following:

I do not see deep or large pitting to require subcision, you can be the judge of that, nothing the size of a pencil eraser or pencil rubber in depth or size. So you can skip that

RF microneedling could help you (3 treatments), especially with the boxcars. But if money is tight you can skip this. It will give more improvement.

I do not see many icepicks, ... maybe a few so TCA Cross you can skip.

I think a deep or sedated TCA / Phenol peel will give you the improvement you seek if the plastic surgeon or derm knows you want them to go deep enough under the surface issues.  Might need one or two of these. Another option and few Drs who a specialists do it like Dr. Lim is fully ablative erbium where they go under the scars. You must be guttsy as they override the machines settings to do this which is not a basic peel, hence why I find deep peels better as more plastics do them and they have less side effects.  

Finally Your reds could be treated with vascular laser like V-beam, IPL, Excel V, 1064nm for even skintone. 

Don't shop for the clinic or device, shop for someone with experience using what you need done and scars 

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TCA cross with 50% was a big mistake, it made things worse. It deepened my scars. I'm definitely not a candidate for subcission. 

I did mini microneedling sessions and by mini I mean not going too deep. 1mm-1.5mm is the deepest I've gone. So far I've done 3 sessions 5 minutes each check over the affected area on fast speed with the derminator. These are the results.
I will probably continue with the microneedling and I will finish with chemical peels.



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