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WOW! Found SHOCKING before pictures of my acne. Transformation.

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I’ve posted here few times before. If you ever read any of my posts before you would know that I eat around 4000-6000 calories a day mostly junk food. Especially dairy, wheat and sugar. I still eat like this too. But today I found some absolutely shocking pictures of my acne that I couldn’t not even believe. Don’t even remember taking them. Check this out. I never took accutane but did take some antibiotics way back last February. Only for two weeks though. This is the last thread I’m gonna make on this site most likely as I don’t feel the need to post after this.

October 2016: my face was pretty much clear. 1C9DDE16-80A0-47D4-B6FC-7F7946B752B9.jpeg
January 2017: got horrible acne breakout and popped all my pimples every single day with dirty fingers.
February 2017:
March 2017:
May 2017: 
July 2017:
August 2017: 1B0F8F9D-33BD-4EEA-A102-6936BE97BD4D.jpeg017D19B2-DD24-4108-8EF0-002CE51C7CFE.jpegF696D828-560D-445F-A271-44E6D8679FEB.jpeg97FE5158-A4D0-42F9-860A-8095980169AA.jpeg
september 2017:472E5BC6-C235-492C-9A40-913948DEDC2B.jpeg
October 2017:
Now: I don’t have a  picture of me today but I’m better now then those last pictures in October. Anyways I used to put undiluted tea tree oil on my skin to dry out my pimples and this led to those red burn marks on my cheeks. I still have some red marks on my temples and on cheeks but wayyyy better.






[broken image - edited out]


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