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Hormonal acne and my experience with Yaz

Hi, I will be sharing my experience with Yaz with you :) 
I had very clear skin up to age 16/17 except for the occasional pimple. This was when I would sleep with make-up on, didn't own moisturizer (I feel physically in pain as I type this haha), did not know what toner was, used mattifying makeup when I had already dry skin , etc. Basically my skin was a miracle for all the stuff I was (unknowningly!!) putting it through.
Fast forward to 2017, where in around February (aged almost 18) I start to develop acne deep into my skin, those kind of pimples that hurt when you talk but you can't pop because no whitehead ever appears. I blow it off due to exam stress and since my skin had never given me problems before, I'd figure I'd just wear make-up more often until it cleared up. But all it did was get worse and worse. By July I had full-fledged acne starting from my hairline down to my neck. Neck pimples were the worst, they'd pop up out of nowhere and don't leave for 3 months. No matter how much I cleansed, toned, moisturized and tried new products, I just keep breaking out week after week, regardless of my menstrual cycle.
Somehow I continued putting off visiting a doctor, mainly because of the costs associated with it and because I genuinely thought that they were due to stress (exam time etc.). But by August I wasn't leaving the house anymore unless I had a full face of make-up on and I was miserable. I finally decided to visit a doctor and she could tell straight off the bat that it was hormonal acne. I had never been on birth control before but was already quite intrigued by it because of my irregular, painful and lengthy periods (sorry for the tmi). I was advised that my acne could get worse before it got better (which it sort of did as you can see in the pictures, but not by a lot. ) It was barely noticeable because my face was already so bad.
I was prepared to wait for the first 3-6 months for it to start showing signs of imrpovements as a lot of women wrote that their bodies took a long time to start getting used to Yaz, and the acne didnt clear overnight. However thankfully, just 4 months after starting Yaz (so that's 4 packets in), my face is completely flat with no scarring except for the hyperpigmentation. Although the hyperpigmentation sucks, at least I can cover it now with makeup since my face is flat and not bumpy. I am honestly overwhelmed that all this progress took place in the psace of only 4 months time. I hope that by June/July 2018 my hyperpigmentation will have cleared up somewhat. Do you have any inexpensive recommendations for helping the hyperpigmentation clear up? I'd love to know :)
 Products I use:
Uriage Tolederm hydra-soothing cream as a morning moisturizer and i use it before my make-up
1/4 parts uriage Xemose moisturizer mixed with 3/4 parts Uriage Tolederm cream (using the Xemose moisturizer feels a bit too heavy to work into the skin so I mix it)
La Roche Posay Toleraine Softening Foaming Gel as my cleanser
Every 1-2 weeks I will apply the L'oreal pure clay detox max (Charcoal) around my nose, chin and cheks (generally avoiding the forehead as this is my driest area). I use this a bit more often during the summer, around 1-2 times a week.
I use also the Thalgo Bio-Soothing mask whenever i feel that my skin needs a little bit of extra moisture or whenever I haeve some more-than-usual redness. I think I use this around 2 times a month, give or take.
That's pretty much it with regards to skincare.
La Roche Posay Respectissime Eye-makeup remover (the only one which doesn't burn my eyes)
Garnier Micellar Cleansing Water
Followed by washing with the Toleraine Cleanser. 
Every 1-2 weeks I will apply the L'oreal

What foundations do you recommend for dry skin? Funnily enough, my t-zone is my driest area. My nose flakes horribly with most foundations. I'm currently using the Estee Lauder DoubleWear in shade 1N1 and 1N2 during the summer (although I still have to mix it sometimes as I'm so pale lol). I'm looking for high-coverage, heard about the tarte rainforest of the sea and huda beauty faux filter being good, but I wanted to get reviews from people who use it to hide the hyperpigmentation. Also, do you know of any deep-moisturizing masks that have worked well for you guys?

Thankyou for reading!! Feel free to ask about anything else

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