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My Iso-Log alias path to a new life (Isogalen, 20mg p/day, 4 months approx.)

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Well hello there!

Since Im bad with introductions Im gonna start with the normal procedure.
Im a 18 year old male who struggles with mild to moderate acne since the last 3 years. I tried to think that it goes away, but my derm told me that this is not going to happen in the near future. I took Duac Acne Gel for 2 years in combination with a custom moisturizer mixed by my pharmacist. Since summer last year my acne got frequently worse and I started to desocialize as coping mechanism because i consider myself pretty self-judging. Skin picking doesnt help that. At the end of each month i try to upload pictures i take. Anyways~

Today I got Isogalen, basically Accutane.

As i dont live in the US where you take high doses I do start with 20mg per day, taken in one capsule a day for 3 to 4 months!

For the first 2 weeks Im gonna decrease my Duac usage and double my moisturizing as Ive rather dry skin (seems to run in the family yeah...)

Maybe i slip in a few personal things as I am a very emotional and extrovert guy (usually..) and a dedicated music lover haha
First real entry will be tomorrow, as this is "day 1" where nothing really happens.
And my formatting sucks xD
Hope to keep you updated 'till the end~
See ya! ^_^

Ps: The Cure fcking rocks during rainy afternoon time :D Edited by SalocinRH
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Days 1 and 2:

I am in the middle of a breakout and dont think that accutane works that fast, but maybe it makes it go faster ...
I got like 5 new pimples and a huge one under my skin in my chin area that hurts REALLY bad.

After taking the pill i feel a bit sleepy fpr ~ 30 mins and my stomach is kinda weird.
But I am convinced it will be better tomorrow! :) 
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Day 3:

I might be overthinking stuff, but i actually think i start to react to accutane.
My skin starts itching and i found some new spots in my chin area. And the one under my skin is improving a lot!
it stopped hurting -BUT... My jawline frickin hurts and i dont know why ...
Body acne is actually going away, but probably reasoned by a new shampoo~

Everything else is fine, just a bit stressed but happy to turn 19 tomorrow :D

Daughter is really nice to listen to at midnight ~
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Day 4:

Im actually feeling like shit today. My chin hurts, my sides hurt, I've got headaches all day long and my face gets worse from day to day. Maybe the breakout gets accelerated by the accutane, maybe not. Probably not. It's just todays my birthday and I go out in the evening but i dont feel like showing myself to anyone right now, it hasnt been that bad since a few months...

But I will power through it because thats what I'd do without acne, and like they say cloth like the man you wanna be I am going to do something not dependent on how I feel like today but how i will feel like in the future :)
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Day 12:

Welcome to the Initial Breakout.... Nothing more to say - my jawline got worse and i get zits in places I've never got them before ...hm.

Im actually quite bummed as my skin got a lot better in the last days even tho I was drinking and eating very very unhealthy and enjoying life.
usually my skin gets worse instantly but nothing changed and the opposite happened until yesterday where I woke up with like 6 new actives.

Since I can not change this I just accept this as the accutanes way to tell me its working haha

Side effects:
 - Nothing like dry lips (as i notice at least) but very dry eyelids and my right eye just randomly starts tearing up - on my way to work it must have looked like I'd cry - Im getting some eyedrops later today to stop this in its tracks

- Otherwise I got really sad over the course of the week as my relationship isnt going very well and my skin is kinda regressing in addition to that. Not going to say its on the accutane but I just write it down. (Being complimented on my skin and breaking out the nex day is really hard)

Thats it - kinda exploring Portugal. The Man (what a name tho...) and enjoying the sentimental feeling I get listening to "Sleep forever" :)

[email protected]  Edited by SalocinRH
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