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Good day to you!

I would like to seek some help and suggestions about these scars, or dark marks. 

They started with small bumps and pimples but i cannot stop my self from picking them until they become scars and when they become scars, i will pick them again until they form bigger scars. and here’s the result. :(

some of them got lighter by themselves through time but i have bigger new ones and they look awful. can someone suggest me what to do to clear them (the new and old scars)? 

i am trying to use roseheep seed oil for a month for my older scars but it doesn’t seem effective for me. and when i use tretinoin, my face becomes itchy and red AF! 

any other products that i can use to clear them as fast as possible? please help me. :(



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Judging by the pictures, most of those marks appear to be flush with the skin. 

I would suggest starting with topicals; specifically skin bleaching creams. You could try Mederma PM which is a night cream for existing scars. You could also go to a dermatologist and ask about Hydroquinone which is something they prescribe for hyper-pigmentation.

If you’re a bit unsure about bleaching creams, then you could use your old marks as a test spot which would take 1-3 months of consistent application to know if you are getting any results. Some marks can take a long time to fade so the newer marks you have might be better left alone for now because you never know if they’ll fade enough to be hardly noticeable.

An important tip as well is that you can over-do it with the bleaching creams so don’t think applying it more or longer is ideal even if you start seeing positive results. 

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Hi, whilst I agree with what Tano1 was saying, if you find tretinoin to be irritating , then bleaching creams almost definitely will be too. I would recommend using niacinamide serum (the ordinary does an excellent one) and using Korean skincare products, as they are designed to brighten. I had marks just like those but managed to get rid of them  using that serum and by cleansing with magic blacksoap by aprilskin.
hope it helps!

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thanks @Tano1 for the insight and suggestion! will try to let my new scars heal a bit before i apply topicals. 

hi @maxplowman may i know the brand of the niacinamide serum and the black soap that used? if possible can you send me photos so i could check it out in stores or online as well. thank you so much! :)

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