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Does anyone have experience or knowledge on picosure for hyperpigmentation and scarring?

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I've been trying to find a treatment for hyperpigmentation that could also help produce collagen for scarring. I have decided to treat it prior to subcision/filler. The problem is I took accutane many years ago, and my skin damages so easily/doesn't heal correctly. If I broke out from chemicsl peels (which is common) or if my skin were to swell ooze and peel from lasers, it would definitely cause additional scarring. I found out some info on picosure on David lims channel. It appears to have little to no down time and it works really well for hyperpigmentation. I've seen some results for scarring as well online( nothing earth shattering). Has anyone used this or done their own research? I'm curious about its downtime/results. It's a much cheaper treatment too. I've seen about 400 per session. Almost any laser here is $1000-2000

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Picosure tends to work best on Ethnic skin. For those of more Caucasian variety Vascular laser: V-beam, Excel V, IPL are better choices. 

1064nm is nonablative laser and produces collagen - working on PIH. This does not effect the dermis so it's a safe treatment for you along with v-beam. Notice most of the PIH patients that are treated by lim with Picosure are Asian, due to the melanin in their skin. It's mainly used for tattoo removal if you look at realself.com

IT's not cheap when you figure weather v-beam, ipl, excel v, 1064nm you need multiple treatments. But yes the 1-2k cost if for resurfacing.

Infini RF/intracel/ secret/ vivance, etc would also work for you as it protects the dermis (this is not for discoloration). Subcision w/ filler also work for pitting. 

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