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My skin is getting worse

Hello! Let me tell you some background information. I'm from Venezuela and recently moved to Spain (Barcelona). Since I was 13years old I started getting acne, it wasn't very bad but it was very persistent. Then at the age of 17 it started getting worse, so from mild it went to moderate acne. I tried many products and all that stuff and it only made it worse. So i was really desperate and my derm recommend me using Accutane, very low dosage 30mg, I weight 64kg and my heigh is 174cm, and eventually i went from 30mg to 10mg since my skin did improve and a lot. Well now I'm here in Barcelona, the weather is not good on my skin,  mine is oily but very sensitive. I purchased neutrogena visibly clear face wash spot proofing, because i ran out of my products that i used to use in venezuela, and I think is harsh on my skin. My pores seems to get bigger everyday :c and i dont know what to do... I cleanse only at night due to the product and I moisturize when going to bed. I wash my face in the morning with water and then  moisturize. Well here are some pics of my skin, I would really appreciate if I can get some help.  (This is my first Post)

Cara victor.jpg

Cara victor 1.jpg

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Posting a picture like that on a site like this is going to a cancer forum and posting a sob story of a non-cancerous mole on your hand. Learn to read the environment. We have no advice for you, you have perfect skin you prick.

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Hello, first of all don't need to be rude. Second, this is a acne website so if i am concerned about a problem on my skin i think i can post anything here. Third my face isnt spotless, i get pimples. I'm just asking for advice because im getting these weird tiny bumps on my forehead. I am even getting spots on my hamstring and i dont know why. 

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