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Your best and worst non-BP products?

Following my completely excessive reaction to recent BP use (see previous posts), can anyone recommend non-BP products to try, or to try and avoid?

I know the Regimen is all about BP - but between us, we must have tried just about every acne product ever made and not all of them use BP.

I used to use Oxy Blackout cream - pop it on a spot, it dries and soaks up all the... well, pus - no problem. But evil GlaxoSmithKline care nothing for my confidence or future happiness and have stopped making it. I know you can use toothpaste to dry a spot, but it's sticky, and you end up reeking of peppermint. Does anyone know any alternatives?

I'm looking for something to clear isolated spots, and to be honest, I'll try anything that doesn't make my face swell up. Clay masks, baking soda, tincture of bat's blood, pretty much anything.

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I am sure by now you have poked around a bit, and have realized that there are some boards here that deal with your alternatives to BP question, and perhaps you have already discovered some options. I have only recently posted for the first time, but I have been a ghost here for some time, and if I could not use BP I would probably try something I saw on General Acne and Product Posts. It was a regimen posted by a gal named Stef who claimed to a model in New York City (or some other very big bustling place).

Stef’s regimen got no replys, but it has a few things going for it. One is reduced washing, which is always a good idea. Stef washes her face with cleanser only once a day - she uses only water for her other wash. She also uses a 10% Glycolic Acid Toner. And though I have never used it, this stuff, Glycolic Acid is the new hot anti-acne topical product, and it is mentioned in a lot of Dermatological literature. If Dan’s regimen weren’t working well for me, I would probably be using (or at least trying) Glycolic Acid Toner in a 8% to 10% solution.. Stef also uses some kind of moisturizer - always a good idea.

To find this post, look to the top of your screen and click on members, then type in Stef, and search. She hasn’t made so many posts and once you find her bio you can review all she has said on the boards here. Her regimen is easily found.

Good Luck with things

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