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Acne Breakout is giving me depression

I use to have pretty good skin. You know the typical teenage girl skin, get some acne around my mouth a little around my period nothing to concerning. Back then though I thought my skin was very acne prone. I would give anything up to have my skin look like that now. I wake up everyday with 2 new pimples and it is giving me severe depression. I actually have very nice skin in the sense of where I don’t get acne, my cheeks and other smaller places. I have nice cheek bones, Long lashes and then I have acne on my face. I don’t want to leave the house and do stuff because it is embarrassing and Ichet anxiety on going to school because I get super oily and the makeup starts to rub off and I look worse then I did in the morning. People are starting to notice a lot and saying stuff to me like “ooh your breaking out” because they aren’t used to seeing me looking so ugly. I feel ugly, I walk down the halls with my face turned the other way so people don’t see me, I avoid walking on the right side of the hall or stand as far as possible because there are windows and the sun beats on my face and makes me looks even worse, during basketball games when we go to do our hello cheer for the other team I walk past the other teams student section with my back faced to them making me look really weird when I walk, When we make tunnels for the team I refuse to stand on the right side because my acne will face the players when they run out. I broke out on the right side of my face and my forehead and now the bottom of my face where my face and neck meet. I used to never get acne on my forehead and now it’s covered in pimples. I refuse to let anyone see me without makeup. I cried going to school because my makeup couldn’t cover my pimples, during a big huddle I was in the middle but the anxiety of being shoulder to shoulder with people allowing them to see my acne up close scared me so much I walked to outside of the huddle being secluded from everyone. I just have no clue what to do. I’m going to the dermatologist Next Wednesday. So sometime early febuarary or late January. But that’s a week and half of school, pep rally’s, games, practices, dance, and whole bunch of stuff. That’s like 11 days of wearing makeup and seeing the texture on my skin from the pimples. I don’t like it when people get too close to my face when we talk because I think all they can see is the makeup on my skin. I’m embarrassed and depressed and so don’t want to leave my bedroom.

Also his started happening around Christmas break. I didn’t really start puberty until I was 14. Doctor said it would end after 2 years of having a menstral cycle which it will be 2 years this summer. Shouldn’t my skin be getting better not worse. I picked up healthy eating habits but clearly it’s not doing anything. Also I sleep on my left side of my face, the side that’s clear, so I know the reason I break out on the right isn’t that

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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