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My acne is starting to effect my confidence

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I’ve had acne since I was a freshman in high school. I just graduated last may, and my acne has severely gotten worse. I used to pick at my face, and pop all of my pimples until there was blood coming out. I stopped, and I don’t pick at my face unless there’s a bad pimple that needs to be popped. This has really taken a toll on my physical appearance as I feel nobody will love me with acne. I feel ugly. I feel everybody stares at my face. I work with little kids, and they all ask me, “why do you have all those dots on your face” it hurts me, and I want to make this disappear forever! I’ve tried aloe Vera, proactive, peroxide, I tried exfoliating but that doesn’t work either. I need these dark spots/scars to go away!!! It’s ruining my life !! 




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Hi! I totally know how you feel, I am also a senior and have dealt with this. I know it's hard but try not to worry about it too much. I actually think you are very pretty, I'm not just saying that. Anyway, just remember that this is temporary and there are ways to beat it! If you really want a cure there is always accutane which has worked for me. I think it was totally worth it. It's your choice but I don't think it's that bad :)

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