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Okay so exactly last month December 20, i started the caveman regimen. I was very happy because my skin don't breakout until now. I just quit cold turkey all of what i am doing, skin care and diet. Only water touches my faces for a week, and since i started the regimen i was eating anything, yeah you read that right, i started eating everything since that. All of the junk and processed foods, candies, sodas and everything. And also on December 23, the night started heavy drinking of alcohol for 10 consecutive days, yeah you read that right again. I'm talking about the passing out drunk and drinking til you blackout and wake up like 'where the fuck i am?".
I was drinking for 10 consecutive days and sleeping around 4am. Simply, i just didn't give a single fuck about my face. And the best of this was, my face stopped having a single cystic pimples, i now only have a single and small pimple, and takes just a couple days to subside and it usually comes to head after a couple of hours. So basically, i was just the one who produces pustules on my face bc i wash my face with some soap and put anything on my face. I was stripping my acid mantle.

So this is  it started, first few days my face was very healthy, it was very moisturized looking, no dry spots, no new acne was formed and it had a dewy look. And after the first week, the dryness on both creases of my nose started, it was just a little dryness. Second week, the dryness was spreading and forming a very rough surface and affected the skin between the eyebrows, right lower part under my lips, one circle red surfaced dry skin on my left chin and just started spreading under my eyes. Third week, it is all getting worse, they are super itchy, red, flaky, and it fucking hurts and stings like hell. I am constantly picking at it's flakes because it is so itchy. I am constantly scratching it and picking the flakes because it's ugly. The skin under the flakes is very rough and pink and when i touch it my skin isn't smooth, its like it has a hard rough skin covering the smooth skin underneath. It also itch and flake terribly especially at night. I also not washing my hair with shampoos, only water and i have dandruff and it is itchy too. I diagnosed my self with seborrheic dermatitis.

Does alcohol consumption affects my SD?
How about diet?
Should i go back to washing my face with mild soap? everyday? 3x a week? or once a week?

I'm looking for aloe vera plant extract in my place bc i heard it lessens the SD.
How do i wash my face with aloe vera gel?

Do y'all have any suggestions for natural remedies?

It is slowly affecting my confidence again but i'd rather have this than the cheeks full of angry pustules but shiitttt when the fuck will i have a clear skin? This is the only problem left on my face, pimples are not my problems anymore and SD replaced it.


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