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Subcsision should target each scar or all the cheek ?

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Depends on the scar type. See previous photos on scar types and directed treatment. It all depends on your pattern of scarring. Directed treatment have a much higher success rate as each scar is treated on its merits- the downside, - time consuming and specialist dependent. All the best. 

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@Obi wan I have been helping this poster ... Student .. in France... Can't or does not want to pay for travel to Emil / Chu. Going to local Dr's who are doing standard needle subcsion and CO2 lasers. He is ethnic and has atrophic scarring (rolling on cheeks, some box cars). He tried the suction method and it reattached apparently a week or 2 latter. Told him to save up and get sub done by Chu / Emil and get filler done. 

I suggested filler weather the above Drs or a local french Dr (money is a issue), they get some supplement for healthcare with their local healthcare - ... but cannot find a "acne scar specialist". 

Individual scar treatment is best with sub for your scar issues. 

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If he did suction he needs to be pretty religous,after doing it i can say with a cheap suction pump off ebay out the cheapo cupping set works to a certain degree.i was pretty religeous and did it 3x a day for around 11-12 days,i got results but you find different scars react differently and how the scar is treated might not be effective even scar to scar,subcision is only as good as the dr carrying it out,if they do half a job you get poor results.

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