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Argan oil for adult nodulocystic acne?

These questions are for anyone who successfully has treated nodulocystic acne with Argan oil:

1) What brand did/do you use? 

2)  How did you apply it? Did you dab it on specific areas--i.e., cysts, hyperpigmented spots and scars--or did you regularly apply it all over your face? (Also, did you apply it before the application of other skincare products, or did you apply it after the application of other skincare products? I'm guessing that applying the oil first makes the most sense.)

3) How often did you apply it? (Whether you applied it to specific areas or all over your face, did you apply it once or twice daily? Or did you use it even less frequently?

4) Did you find that Argan oil reduced your skin's overall oil production?

I'm 41 years old and experiencing a resurrgence of nodulocystic acne--mostly inflamed cysts--now that I've been off the BC Pill for 15 months. (The cystic stuff started slowly affecting me after 7 months off BC.)

Thank you,

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