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Scarlet RF or Infini RF for pitted acne scars

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Hi guys,

So I consulted a dermatologist regarding my acne scars and she recommended 3 sessions of Scarlet RF. When I told her I only heard about Infini RF, she told me that they are basically the same thing made by different brands. So my question is, is Scarlet RF as effective as Infini RF for pitted acne scars? She also told me that the treatments will be done by a beauty aesthetician, not by her. I am also worried about that. Does this machine require good technical skills to yield good results?

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There are many machines that are similar, ... yes. As long as it has insulated needles to protect the dermis.

Maybe the aesthetician is good if she is trained professionally the doctor. I know in some office nurses do this work. It really depends how many cases they have done with the machine, their training, and especially for acne scars their experience. It is your right as a patient to get her to do it or to go elsewhere where you feel someone with more experience is operating it . Ask lots of questions, inquire to the number of acne scar patients like yours they have done monthly. You may always test it on a spot of your scars first and see how the person handles the device before proceeding. 
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Always treat the scar type and not go for a device. For example, pitted scars, pit scars, pick and ice pick scars can respond much better to TCA CROSS at high concentrations rather than say Infini or even Pico lasers that cost north of 200 K, compared to 40 cents worth of TCA. At the end of the day the biggest improvement you will get are at the hands of the specialist who can identify and treat each scar according to the pathology, and not only a device. As BA suggested, ask for before and afters, NOT company photos (marketing ploy) but actual photos of patients. All the best. 

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