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Acne sux

I hate acne. My friends, my siblings, they have smooth and clear skin. Mine is not severe, but hell lot of black spots scars, wHiteheads, and blackheads. I have super oily skin, suffered from mild acne since 11 years old. It improved when I keep strictly to my diet, keep trying new products which cost a ton, drink a lot of water, put a lot of effort. I won't lose to acne, I'm going to clear my skin and glow. I'm just jealous that my friends don't need to put any effort, they were born with clear skin. They eat ice cream chocolate and pizza drink coke soft drinks everyday, but they still come to school with flawless skin. I hate it. I hate that I'm born with this ugly skin, not smooth skin I hate it I hate it so much I hate it I hate it. Acne sucks so much. My friends always tell me to  'WASH YOUR FACE!' and f*ck them. Washing your face won't let me get clear skin. It'll keep it clean but not make it clear up. I wish it's that simple. I put hell lot of medication powder thing on my face just to cover my acne, use oil absorb paper to wipe my face, moisturize, wash, while they sit on their chair doing nothing complaining about one breakout and two blackheads. LIKE WTF  I hate my life.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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