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Severe reaction to TactuPump Forte

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My doctore prescribed me with tactupump forte last week. After using this gel only three times my skin became very dry, red and sensitive and I stopped using the treatment. A day later my skin began peeling, first on my chin and then everywhere else on my face... now my face is very sensitive even to light moisturizers and my skin becomes very tight and dry, particularity around my mouth. It is very hard to open my mouth when it is dry, and when i do, also the skin around my mouth cracks and peels all over again.

Not ire if this is a normal reaction, I saw a pharmiscist who gave me a facial cream that supposedly will heal it...

Any advice from anyone??


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I had the same reaction, though I used it only once at night. I also thought it was a normal reaction, and kept using it the same way, it gave me horrible cystic acne that I never had in the first place. after that I talked to my derm and he told me to wash it off after just half hour and then it worked perfectly fine, if I had talked to the doctor sooner, I wouldn't be dealing with deep acne scars right now, what I want to say is, be careful with this stuff, its very strong and everyones skin is different, if you think this is not normal, reduce the frequency of usage and see if there is improvement. Talking to your derm would be the best option though.

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I saw my doctor today and she told me to stop using products on my face period. She said to wash it with water and it should return to normal within a week. If you do use this product, use it with caution as it is very strong and extremely damaging if you use it on good skin. Hope this helps anyone

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