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Salicylic acid burn help!

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A week ago i used a cleanser that contained 2% salicylic acid and it has burnt my skin, badly. I thought after a week it would have gone down slightly but i have two massive hole like scabs on my face still that are oozing and are bright red.
I've been using aloe vera on the burns to soothe them but this doesn't seem to be having an affect. Should i keep using it or put nothing on them? I'm really worried that my skin will scar. Can anyone give me any advice as it's really getting me down. Thanks.

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You should get a burn cream or at least Vaseline/aquaphor and keep it moist 24/7. How did this burn you?? 

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Thank you i've just found some vaseline in the cupboard and have put it on! Will purchase some aquaphor tomorrow! I'm not sure what happened, I had the cleanser on for about 30 seconds and i had a few spots and I think they must have been open wounds. The next day i woke up and had these massive burnt patches, one on my lip as well.

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No open wounds when you peel, ... for some it can open up recent wounds.  Don't use any other topicals or exfoliants when you peel. Example retin A, etc...  Sounds like acid got deeply under the skin or something. You  could be allergic to the ingredients in the cleanser and it caused a reaction.

Please goto a doctor to have them take a look.

Aloe Vera and Honey are good as well as a alternative. This will take several weeks to heal.


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Thanks for the advice. Just been to the doctors and they've diagnosed me with impetigo and prescribed me with antibiotics which should hopefully clear within the next 7 days so means no work for today as highly contagious !

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Ahh no wonder :( my sister had impetigo when she was younger and my other siblings and I caught it as well. It actually left some hypopigmentation. 

Best of luck with treating it!! 

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