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I know that this is simple subcision. Want to know if anyone from this forum was treated by this tool? Is it available across the USA or only in Utah?



https://www.realself.com/sitesearch?gsc.q=taylor liberator
There are only couple of patients in RealSelf but first one is fake because this woman been around in Google Pics since 2011. Maybe others are the same.
Not so much info about TL on the first Google page (im too lazy to get in deep research). Are there anyone who had expierence with it?
When it was "invented"?

Sorry for english

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I posted that video a year ago especially the last one. I link Dr Taylor in the FAQ for recommendations and Dr Niamtu. 

I am helping you through PM with your issues right now for clarification. No one has had this procedure here. It is expensive and DR. Taylor who invented it does use this special tool which is basic subcision in Utah, Dr. Niamtu also uses the tool. The same procedure can be done with a subcision needle called Nokor but yes it's not through one access point. The problem I see is cost for most people is outrageous, ... you may need to do it more than one time. It is very invasive, ... they are literally filling the face with a spacer, using the tool to do subcision, and then doing laser, prp, laser, and a strong peel. The skin does not heal like this. The body needs 3 months between procedures to heal, ... they are doing a combo all at once. What if your body heals poorly,.... no separation between treatments with natural progression of healing and the bodies response to treatments. So then you may need 2 times which puts you closer to $10K + and travel expenses. 

The down time and swelling doing it this way would be months. Your really doing some invasive stuff. Great I suppose if your low on time for treatments and ok paying a premium. Many users can do this with a derm or plastic doing Nokor subcision w/ filler, get some infini done - or any rf microneedling,  a sedated peel for a fraction of the price, space treatments over years with healing . This is more cost effective, better for the body, and you see what works well for you. One can even do peels and tca cross at home to keep the cost down. The biggest advantage is your local to where you live to recover w/ no travel costs and inconvenience.  

Doing a combo with so many things at once again is not advisable, we are not pin cushions. Laser with all that together.

You OP can get this done in Korea as we discussed for a fraction of the price. Even if they don't use this tool they have Innofill which in my view is far superior. You could even get a facelift and many other advanced treatments for a fraction of this cost. Innofill also uses filler. 

I just researched that pic, ... it's Dr taylor's that was stolen. Please do a search for dr taylor and you will find other discussions on the forums here. The search did not find my postings for some reason. 

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Yes, sure Im not planning to visit Salt Lake, just wonder if anyone here tried this thing, since there are so many US citizens. Just for info :) 

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Good concept, but lots of collateral damage to veins and vessels. Namely chances of haematoma are vvvvv high. Seromas as well. Done correctly, NOKOR itself has a 5-9% rate of complications. With this technique, even with a vein guide, risks are high. Not saying its bad, its just a odds game. High risk, faster results. With subcsion, the ideal scenario is to push vessels aside, reach the scar with as little entry wounds as possible and only cut the bonds holding that particular scar down- precise work. This technique saves multiple entry points but the sharp end of the instrument must travel distances to reach scars in other areas, hence collateral damage. 

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This is the most extreme version of subcision that I've come across.  There was a girl with pretty extensive scars who posted on this forum a few years ago.  She posted her initial experience but never came back to update.  There is an Asian male patient with severe scars on realself who did this exact procedure by Taylor, and his results were good.  Once again, the problem is that he only updated at 3 months, and never gave us a true long term followup.  

One thing is certain though, it's every extreme.   Dr. Taylor has videos of this combo procedure online, and it's so extensive that you have to be under general anesthesia I believe.  I would only entertain this if you have the most severe scars, accept the risks, and have tons of cash.

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