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23, Female
Acne type: larger red pimples along jawline and cheeks. At least one new breakout a day. Also have blackheads on nose and milia (maybe just deep white heads) on my chin and cheeks and in between my eyebrows. 

Medications: birth control. And I take a vitamin A supplement every night 

I started getting acne when I was in grade school and I’ve and it ever since. I used Proactive in jr high and then quit it and started using over the counter products for about 3-4 years. I went to the dermatologist my freshman year of college and they prescribed me some creams that I never used for more than a few weeks because they made my skin so dry and it was like I was a snake shedding it’s skin. Then I tried proactive plus and it worked alright but I was still getting regular breakouts. Then I tried rodan and fields and the jawline breakouts have been so much worse and more painful. Should i just go back to the doctor and try the creams for a longer amount of time? What are your opinions? I will not go on accutane because of health history in my family. 




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Yes,i suggedt the dr and get an antibiotic cream and even a course of oral anti biotics,like lymecycline,it should clear your skin up.

dont pick or touch your skin,wash with warm clean water and pat dry with clean towel,dont rub dry.

keep general hygene good.

because your female i know a lot of females here post about periods and contraceptive pills,suggest you read up about acne and contraceptives,i am a guy btw.

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