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Hey guys
I wanted to hear some more opinions about something I was thinking about, and that's giving up accutane. Im now on accutane since like a bit more than one month and my pimples got less, buuut my lips are dry like the sahara desert and my skin aswell plus my face turned red like a fucking tomato! Now the deal is.... since I really got into this skincare bs my face got worse and worse and I didn't even realize it. But now I do. I used to have some pimples here and there but ain't giving any shit and lived my life but when I got sucked into this skincare business my whole fucking world was building up on my skin. Long story short, my Parents never suffered as crazy from acne and i have the samw genetics as them if it's true that I'm not adopted so I was thinking about giving up accutane and just use water so fresh things up, like for example taking a shower after sport and shit like that you know...I'm really into martial arts and fitness and I ain't got time to worry about acne so leave your opinion :D

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If you want to clear up, continue, if you don't care, stop it.. simple as that. I relapsed 6 months after Accutane, so it did nothing for me anyway... 

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If you decide to quit accutane.  Keep in mind that you may need to make other changes to get rid of acne besides skin care.  Are you willing to address diet, stress levels, exercise and such?  If not, your skin may go back to its previous state.

Quitting has to be a personal decision.  

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