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Egg White Soap?

Hello! Has anyone tried the Lanolin-Agg-Tval Victoria Eggwhite Facial Soaps? If so, do you enjoy the soap, and where did you buy it from? It sounds nice and I thought they might be nice for Delna's regimen, especially at around $18 for 6 bars. Thanks! Here's more info:

"Lanolin-Agg-Tval facial soaps have been a part of healthy skin care in Sweden for generations. Originally prepared by Swedish women in the home, an eggwhite facial was a weekly tradition to maintain pure glowing skin. Victoria created the first eggwhite soaps in the early 1900s, and added gentle rose water and lanolin to soothe and make the skin soft to the touch.

Using this delicate natural soap feels like a pampering mini-facial every time you wash your face. Smooth the protein-rich egg white lather on your face and neck and leave on a few moments to draw impurities from the pores naturally. After rinsing, a rosey glow will appear and your complexion will feel smooth and soft.

The boxed set contains a six month supply for healthier, more beautiful skin. Made in Sweden.


I have had persistent acne for years. I tried this soap on a whim, remembering egg whites were supposed to be good for the skin. My face cleared - completely- in less than three weeks! I told everyone I know about it, and now my friends are obsessed with it. Hurrah for the Swedes!

Krista from Wisconsin

I have to tell you that having the egg white soap as one of the top six picks is truly worth having the title. I absolutely LOVE it! My face is really sensitive and everything that I would use in the past would break me out, so on a whim I ordered it and I noticed a difference immediately. I am a hair stylist /make-up artist and my clients started to comment on how great my skin looked, so I started bringing it in for my clients and everyone's hooked. Please don't ever stop carrying it and the price is great!

Mary from Florida "

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hi cattalystt,

is this what u r talking abt?


looks delicious, doesnt it... lol.gif

but its mentioned that its got lanolin in it...i remember reading an article abt lanolin being irritating to most people with acne. it seems some derivatives of lanolin are safe..and some are comedogenic and irritants. im not sure abt this though..


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