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Yeah man, it's bad. But the good thing is, it's only in one spot. You need to see a dermatologist, a GOOD ONE, and get on something to prevent this from happening again. To treat it, you'll need cortisone injections, which basically melts the excess tissue.

I think we are all a lil self conscience. One of my roots from a scar on my face.


Face pic:


It's not a regular scar as you can see, its a keloid (hypertrophic) scar. I can say it is holding me back from advanding my game/skills. It friggin bothers me sometimes. I'm all about getting the babes and the super hot babes (i spared the mASF jargon a lil), im just wondering if many girls will think negatively about it. I guess I could use it to my advantage. Is it 'bad'? Advice or comments?

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Cortisone injections do work...until you get to a derm...perhaps you should try the silcone scar sheets ...there is one called Scar Guard and another Neoporin Scar thereapy.

The silicone scar sheets are for keloid scars like yours.(dont work for indented scars tho)...but you have to be patient..it takes 12 weeks to see results...may be worth a try.

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