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Unbeaten Dingo

Finally, a natural cure after trying everything under the sun!

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History: Late 20s female, suffered cystic hormonal acne (jawline, chin, cheeks, forehead) for almost 15 years now. I have tried almost every Rx oral and topical medication short of accutane (because it's chemotherapy poison) and nothing worked. I've tried $$$ dermatologists, antibiotics (topical and oral), OCPs, hormonal creams, tretinoin, BP washes/creams, sulfur, and myriad other OTC treatments like Murad, Dr. Gross, Proactiv. I've maintained a very clean diet, healthy weight and active lifestyle my entire life. Of course, nothing worked until I started a very simple regimen last month and my skin has never looked better *knock on wood*. All my cysts are gone. It's been bittersweet because I wish I had found this solution for myself in middle school, but I hope this helps someone else out there because I know how devastating this disease can be. 

AM and PM:

1. Wash face with gentle cleanser
2. Pat face dry gently with cotton towel
3. Apply apple cider vinegar toner with cotton pad (I made my dilution 1 part ACV and 3 parts water)
4. Let dry.  Then spray face with a probiotic skin spray. I use MaryRuth, but MotherDirt is also excellent (and more expensive)
5. Let dry. Then moisturize with cold-pressed sunflower oil (I use the one from Trader Joe's for $3)

I am now a huge believer that most skin pathologies are due to a disruption of our skin's natural acid mantle and natural bacterial flora. I've also been using the probiotic skin spray on some of my nummular eczema patches, and they have cleared up nicely as well. 

That's it. It works super well and I really think it's the combo of ACV and probiotic spray for me. Oral probiotics haven't done much for me, but the skin spray really works. Of note, I also exercise daily and drink lots of green tea. I avoid dairy, sugar and fried foods. I think all of that helps, too. 

I hope this regimen helps others out there. Please let me know how it works out for you. I realize everyone's biochemistry is different, so you just have to keep trying and searching until you find your solution. The only other treatment that came close to becoming my cure was topical urine therapy (tons of reviews on this site), but it only worked for a few weeks before my skin broke out again. Thanks for reading. :)

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