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How to treat these scars?

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my name is Zacharias and I'm from Belgium and 22 years old. Just wanted to ask which kind of scars I got and what the best treatment option would be? I know they are very minor and I have nothing to complain about but they somehow bother me already for a while.
Thank you for your answers.


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I have a hard time telling from the pic it's sooooo close up what's going on here. Looks like Some box cars, and a few rolling scars. I feel like I am looking at a slide in a microscope. Subcision works for this with filler or the Chinese cupping method (Amazon).

You can do TCA peels after your subcisions for texture.

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+1 agree with BA on this one yet again. Subcision with filler +/- cupping for these scars. This technique will give you the biggest improvement with the least downtime. Predictable, immediate, effective. Can not agree more. After that, for textural changes you have many paths to lead to the same destination. One step at a time. I wish you well on your journey @Zacharias

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@beautifulambition @Obi wan
I have found a doctor who seems to be very experienced and honest. But the flip side is that he charges converted 123,42 USD PER SCAR for subcision with HA filler which should have a very high quality and last for ca. 1,5 years :D
Is this price normal or too expensive? Thanks for an answer.
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@Zacharias Filler is very expensive. 1 ml or a syring of filler can be hundreds of dollars, add the subcision / dr's fee. You see why this can be hundreds to thousands of dollars depending on your scars / type & amount of them. 

I cannot compare costs. Why because you get what you pay for. The dude who is not a nurse or registered doctor injecting down the street can charge you pennies. Doctors can charge to much but have experience, costs, and new ways of treating others cannot. The midwest of the USA might be cheaper than a major city. London might be different than a small town in France (fillers are cheaper in Europe with more options than the USA shockingly). Asia has dirt cheap filler costs. Everywhere is different. You get what you pay for. 


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Ok, thanks. Then I'll go for it. He seems to be very honest, experienced and give me real expectations and no photo shoped pictures (he does subcision since 2001) :D Now my last question is: Should I take something before doing subcision and filler to get better results? For example zinc or hyaluron capsules? :) 
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